Document Scanning

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Document Scanning & Indexing 

Document scanning has been one of the most important of the projects undertaken by Sensure. Sensure uses advanced scanning technology and scanners to transform bulks of various document types into digital files that can be converted, cataloged, searched, labeled, printed or archived. Electronic images produced by scanning at various dpi can be stored in a wide range of formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF, etc.

We scan documents in color, gray scale, and black & white. Indexing can be done for fast retrieval of the document. The final output can be sent as an e-mail attachment, in CD, or directly uploaded through FTP according to the client's preference.

A variety of physical documents such as address lists, invoices, purchase orders, resumes, business forms, cheques, surveys, insurance forms, litigation and case files, lease agreements, import/export documentation, student records, tax forms, share applications, Mutual fund applications, telecom, etc., can be scanned and given in the form of electronic images of the documents via FTP or on a CD, in client specific format. Alternatively, the images can be hosted on a document server, which offers a high-security, rapidly implemented, cost effective solution to document management.